Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring in the Garden and munchkins munching greens

Our afternoons, these spring days, generally proceed as follows: shortly after Micah wakes up from his nap, he and Eli race (racing being their current preferred way of getting around) up to the garden, armed with two kid-sized chairs and two bowls of dip. They then pick a handful each of sorrel, park themselves in their chairs and *hork the fuck out.* After devouring his handful, Eli often moves on to broccoli then kale then lettuce, all of which Micah eschews for more sorrel.

They both love picking and eating greens from the garden, but let's be honest: the real key here is The Magic Dip (they actually stick their faces in their bowls to sop up the last leeeeetle bit). For those who are interested, the ingredients are: yogurt (plain, unsweetened), agave, flax oil, ground-up walnuts, vanilla. Eli describes it as "pretty yogurty."

So on to the garden details:

What we're harvesting: Broccoli! Also: sorrel, lettuce, arugula, green onions, herbs. But mostly broccoli :) We snack on it regularly, and yesterday, had it (steamed, with cheese sauce) for dinner. Deelish.

What we've planted in the past week: More broccoli (what can I say? apparently we're fans), peas, chard, cabbage, onions, potatoes, spinach. Oooh ooh, flowers too! Glads, dahlias, lilies, petunias, verbena, snapdragons.

Well that's about it. The big summer garden (tomatoes, tomatillos, eggplant, way more flowers, etc.) goes in soon. Maybe in the next few weeks.

How about you? What are you planting (both literal and figurative responses are welcome)?


  1. We are a big fan of broccoli drenched in dressing (Champagne flavor from some triangular-bottle company is the best) and then grilled. YUM.

  2. Do you guys have the Hungry Thing book? It's all about the funny "mac'n'cheese" -> "back'n'cheese" transpositions.

    I'm jealous of your functional garden ;) Slowly working on infrastructure here, hoping to make better space for it long term.

  3. no, emile, we don't have that book. just looked it up on amazon, though, and it looks *awesome*. right up micah's alley for sure. i might just have to put an order in with powells :)

  4. can't get over how big eli looks!
    love your garden, wish ours had that much love put into day.

    was it flax oil or flax seed in the yogurt? either sounds good, going to try that. i am on the search for more dip/sauce/dressing recipes.

  5. Shannon, I use flax oil. I keep a bottle of the stuff around cuz I can't seem to find the time to grind my own seeds. I think you and the girls would love the dip. It'd be especially killer with fresh fruit. I'm so looking forward to the onslaught of summer fruit. Soon, soon, soon!