Saturday, April 7, 2012

In bloom at the Rancheroo

Meet the newest addition to The Rancheroo, our spring tree! The chiddlers and I constructed this baby last week, entirely from paper and (copious amounts of) scotch tape. Each flower contains a list item to be accomplished this spring. Anytime between spring equinox and summer solstice goes, with a few post-spring days tacked on for the procrastinators among us... Ahem.

The inspiration came from a favorite homeschooling blog. They made a similar tree last fall (except -- of course -- with falls leaves instead of spring flowers).

Here are our spring to-dos, courtesy of The Tree:
  • dance
  • go to scienceworks
  • hike
  • make chai soap
  • geocache
  • make egg croissants
  • bead
  • eat leftovers
  • see a glacier
  • learn 10 new words in french
  • try 3 new classes
  • get voodoo donuts
  • visit Eamon in Portland
  • plant an epic flower garden
  • whale watching cruise in Alaska
  • make wooden toys
  • finish Magic Tree House series
  • bake oatmeal cookies
  • play Minecraft
  • solve puzzles
  • Lego
  • bake bread
  • make a Minecraft mod
  • host a science party
  • swing
  • party it up for Eli's 8th bday
  • stargaze
  • make a spring tree (check!)
  • movie at the theater
  • make 2 new types of soap
  • bike ride
  • go to kidtime
  • attend Life Is Good unschooling conference
  • check out a new playground
  • grow 2 new types of veggies
  • yoga
  • read so many books
  • clear rancheroo hiking trails with a chainsaw
  • go to kidzone
  • Micah & Sarah go on a special date for a whole day
  • visit 3 farms
  • bonfire
  • go swimming with Sarah
  • stomp in puddles
  • visit 3 libraries
  • visit The Hannas
  • make donuts
  • dig
  • go to Griffin's bday party
  • have an Easter egg hunt
  • read the entire magic school bus series
It was particularly lovely and amusing to see what the kids came up with. Micah's first idea, and the one he was most excited about (aside from all Minecraft related items) was: "eat leftovers!" Practical kid! We included plenty of things we'd have done regardless, but also used the opportunity to challenge ourselves, try new things, expand our horizons.

We've already accomplished an item or ten: puzzles have been solved, Minecraft has been played, wooden toys have been made, dozens of french words have been assimilated into our brains; lego, dancing, yoga, scienceworks, soap, Griffin's birthday party, swinging... and we've stomped in enough puddles to water 100 spring trees. Next week, Eli and I will knock off all Alaska related items: glaciers, whale watching, Hannas, oh my!

This spring tree feels a whole lot like a tradition in the making, a feeling I suspect other parents can relate to. It's a good one.


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